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The Night She Disappeared by April Henry


night she disappearedThe Night She Disappeared by April Henry

Clear your calendar, fasten your seatbelt, and settle in for a great page-turner of a book. Taking place over a 14-day period, the story opens with the disappearance of Kayla, a teenage pizza delivery girl. Although we discover pretty quickly that she’s been kidnapped, her continuing story is suspenseful enough. But the author takes it further – much further. The novel is told from numerous points of view, including Drew, Kayla’s fellow worker, who is guilt-ridden simply because he took the kidnapper’s pizza order; and Gabie, another co-worker who was originally the target… and still could be. Other points of view include Kayla herself, and even her creepy kidnapper. I could go on about how suspenseful and well-written this book is; about the excellent and creative use of extras, like forensic reports, newspaper accounts, and a poignant note Kayla writes to her family – in blood – but why waste your time reading a longer review when you can read this book instead?


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  1. Wow, Naomi, it sounds like a winner.

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