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In Honor by Jessi Kirby


IN HONOR – Jessi KirbyIn Honor

Even though Honor was orphaned at four, she still had her big brother: “My whole life, I’d set my course by Finn, depending on him to guide me, like old sailors did with the stars.” Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Finn forfeited his college scholarship and enlisted. As the story opens, Honors learns of his death.

Devastated, as well as furious at him for abandoning her, Honor struggles with her grief, uncertain how to move forward. The answer comes – as always – from her brother, whose final letter includes two tickets to their favorite singer’s farewell concert, as well as a playful request that Honor tell the singer all about him.

Honor decides to do just that. Unexpectedly accompanied by Rusty, her brother’s sometimes inebriated (but always good-looking) ex-best friend, what follows is a road trip with a twist. This novel is filled with sympathetic characters, memorable scenes like lanterns on the ocean, and lyrical writing: “… I felt smaller than I ever had. Like a pinprick of light in an infinite purple sky.” This is a beautiful book about grieving, healing, and the power of love.


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